Can I Still Get A New Life Insurance Policy During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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In the post-COVID-19 world that we find ourselves in, you might have some questions regarding life insurance and how the Coronavirus (As well as all its variants) if has affected Life Insurance policies! In terms of getting a new policy, yes you can still acquire a new life insurance policy during the Coronavirus pandemic! And to be frank, the Life Insurance industry is busier than they have been before! Applications for Life Insurance policies increased 4% over 2020—which is the highest year over year growth rate ever! 

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At the beginning of the pandemic it might have been trickier to get a policy in a timely manner when things were still completely locked down, but since 2020, there have been massive improvements to the process and many companies have adjusted their medical check processes to help move things along as they should! But you might start to see more COVID related questions on Life Insurance applications going into the future! 

If you have had the Coronavirus, you may have to wait a certain amount of time after you have recovered to submit a Life Insurance application—but after this company-determined waiting period you usually will be cleared to submit an application! But if you have any questions about Life Insurance or any other kinds of coverage, you should know you can contact your insurance agent and they will be more than happy to help you through it all! 

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