Prepare Your House For Fall!

At the end of every summer, there are a few things that you might want to take care of before the cooler weather of fall starts to appear! With each day growing shorter and shorter, the time to prepare your home is now—so you can enjoy the upcoming Autumn days filled with hues of orange and yellow! 

If you have outdoor furniture, it is good to either put it into storage or to cover it up—leaves getting caught in furniture can cause premature deterioration, especially they get wet from rain! If you have flower seed or grass seed that needs to be planted during cooler periods, then this is usually the time to do that as well! Also, this is a great time to check to see if the gutters of your house are clear too! 

While the weather is still relatively nice, and while there is still time to deal with any problems, this is a great time to check to see if your chimney is clean as well! Obstructions in a chimney can be deadly—and due to this they should be checked regularly! Be sure to also check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as a precaution as well! 

Bottom line is you should be doing a check on your house each Fall in preparation for the Winter! If not, the costs of a repair can come at the worst time of the year: the holidays! Be safe and have a great start to your Autumn! 

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