I Run A Small Business With My Personal Vehicle, Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Personal Auto Insurance policies aren’t intended to be used on a vehicle that is operated to conduct a person’s small business, this goes for anyone who uses a car for business as well—such as delivery drivers, salespeople, and other mobile services! If you are using your vehicle for a business it will receive more wear and tear throughout its life and will be present on the roadways for a greater amount of time than just about any personal vehicle

If you have a personal vehicle that you use to go to work, you might have a long commute for a few hours daily—but it’s nothing like a business vehicle’s trek—having to stop and go traffic for a full 8 hours, sometimes possibly longer, on vastly different and constantly changing roads! Commercial Auto Insurance policies cover much more than a personal insurance policy can cover—with much higher liability limits and higher premiums, it starts to make sense how much more risk these vehicles take on a daily basis! 

In short, if you are using your vehicle for business purposes and it is not insured under a Commercial Auto Insurance policy—you should refrain from using it for your business until you have the proper coverages! It is better to be safe than sorry! 

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