What Isn’t Covered On A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

Not all commercial auto policies are the same, and due to this there will be some differences! But you can expect a few coverages not to be included in a basic commercial auto insurance policy—so here is a list of coverage exclusions, but remember that all of these can be added onto your policy if need be! 

Most exclusions of auto insurance policies include: 

The contents of your vehicle usually is not covered by a commercial auto insurance policy—this can be a problem if you are a mobile mechanic, or if you have a lot of equipment in your vehicle! Luckily there are policy riders that can be added to include your equipment into your coverage! 

Medical expenses unrelated to an accident, if you have an employee who has medical expenses that arose outside of the accident that happened while they were driving it normally won’t be covered—this is why driver health is extremely paramount! 

Personal use of a company vehicle is another scenario that can end badly if there are not proper policy riders attached to the vehicle that is insured for business use! If an employee is running personal business with a company vehicle and has an accident, it may not be covered since it was not included the policy! Also employees using their own vehicle for business will normally not be covered, this requires additional coverage as well! 

Be sure to let employees know when it is alright to use a vehicle for personal use or if it is not—it will save you a lot of headache and your business’ wallet! 

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