Top Tips For Teen Drivers!

According to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers—and the risk for a car accident is highest among drivers in the 16-19 age group! While this is very troubling to look at, it is very useful in showing young drivers the importance of safe driving! With just a few bits of advice, you can potentially help your teenage driver to safely navigate the roads—and to get to their destination safely every time they drive! 

Take it slowly! When a teenager is first starting out to drive it is best to limit the amount they can use their vehicle, for the first year of driving it might be best to limit their use to going to school and to work if they have a job! By allowing them to get used to driving in small increments they can become better drivers without as much risk—because, the newest drivers are the most likely to get into an accident!

Always wear a seatbelt! Despite all the safety tips we tell a teenager, they just might get into an accident—and this is where wearing a seatbelt can potentially save their lives or from serious injury! If you instill into their mind to always wear a seatbelt it can reduce injuries, or even prevent a death, that can happen in an accident! 

Put the phone down! Most teenagers want to use their phone while driving because they have seen others use their phones while driving on the road too (Which is just as bad and they should not do this either)! But doing this is just as bad as driving while intoxicated, so it is best to put the phone down and let it wait! Who cares if the song that is on your AUX cable isn’t playing, it isn’t worth getting into an accident over! 

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