Bought An RV During The Pandemic? Wondering How To Insure It?

With the spike in Recreational Vehicles sales happening during the height of the pandemic, spanning to even now, more and more people are wondering how to insure these vehicles, as well as the thought, “How do I get this giant vehicle around?”. Luckily it isn’t as hard as it looks, both with insuring it and driving it! 

Insuring an RV can be as simple as calling your insurance agent and letting them know you wanted coverage on your new vehicle! RV Insurance covers the cost of damages to your vehicle if you cause an accident or if one happens to you while on the road! It will depend on how much you use the vehicle on the road, or if you are planning on using it as a full-time residence! If it is a trailer you won’t need to get an auto insurance policy on it, but you can get a separate coverage placed on it while it is being towed! 

If you’re wondering how to drive it—the best method is to practice! Just like most other vehicles, it will take time to get used to driving it! Unless you have an RV over a certain weight you generally won’t need to a special license or training, but there are coaches and other resources from RV manufacturers that can help you learn your vehicle for safer use! Just remember to take it slow, and to be safe! 

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