What Is Commercial Auto Insurance For Businesses?

Just like your personal vehicle, if you own and use vehicles as part of your business they must be insured! If you are not properly insured and are conducting business with a vehicle, chances are that you will not be covered if something were to happen—like an accident, parts off the vehicle (Think: Catalytic converters!), and actual theft of the vehicle itself! 

If you are using your own vehicle to conduct business you might think, “Well, I have personal auto insurance, so what’s the big deal?”. Problem with this is insurance companies rate coverages and premiums much differently on a business vehicle than a personal vehicle! Due to these differences, a personal auto insurance policy will not cover you if you are conducting business out of your personal vehicle! 

Think of it this way, personal use vehicles aren’t normally on the road for more than 2-3 hours a day—while some business vehicles are on the road all day, everyday! Also since some can be large vehicles and can be unwieldy, the risk for an accident is even greater with these vehicles! Be sure to insure your vehicles properly if they are being used for business purposes—you might be sorry you didn’t! 

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