Why Your Trucking Business Needs Cyber Insurance!

Many trucking companies when insuring their business overlook an important aspect of what complete coverage should include: Cyber Liability Insurance! With improvements in technology forever marching onward, and threats from cyberspace growing more numerous day by day, having Cyber Liability Insurance is a must! 

Hackers use all kinds of different methods to take advantage of people and businesses, and there are many examples that can be found after a quick internet search! Some range from simple ransom of computer systems, to making fake invoices and fake companies to steal money and goods from unsuspecting businesses! 

With billions of dollars of goods being transported each day via trucks all across the world, they are a very lucrative target for hackers and other various bad actors on the internet! With hackers taking down large oil pipelines and other various entities across the nation it is easy to see how trucking is an easy target for them—and also how being insured is probably the best weapon you can have against cyberattacks! 

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