Do I Need Special Insurance If I Drive a Large Passenger Vehicle (Like a Bus)?

Much like a trucking company, if you operate a large vehicle you will need a special kind of insurance to operate legally on the roads! Examples of large vehicles could be bigger buses, limousines, or trucks equipped to carry people! 

For instance, if you had a party bus company and operated a bus that could carry more than 16 passengers you will need to get a coverage that is equivalent to 5 million dollars! If you have a vehicle that carries 15 or fewer then that number goes down to 1.5 million, but that still is an extra coverage you will need in order to operate! 

If you operate within a single state without crossing state lines and won’t be carrying people, insurance coverage might be a little cheaper than a vehicle that operates interstate—but always ask your agent for details on what kinds of coverages and prices you are looking for! 

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