Ways To Keep Cool While Working From Home!

During this time of the year, keeping cool is a challenge in itself! And if you are working from home, it might be hard to keep your concentration if it’s a bit too hot in your home—but there are luckily a few things that you can do to help cool yourself down at home! 

If you have a window that can be opened—crack it to increase airflow! And if the sun shining inside is a problem, then get a light cotton drape to hang over the window! Increasing airflow helps your skin transfer heat out to the air a bit easier—which makes you feel cooler! Setting up a fan with a small reservoir of water set down in front of it is another great way to help cool down! When the air hits the water and back up towards you, it will have a cooling effect and will help you when it gets really hot! 

Sipping on a cool drink is another way to help yourself cool down, although this might seem obvious, it sometimes is hard to remember when you are sitting in front of a computer doing your work! There are many other ways to keep cool while sitting at your desk, so get creative and see what other examples you can come up with! 

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