Why Trucking Safety Is Important In A Post-COVID-19 World!

The trucking industry is the backbone of the global economy, and without it we as a society would probably crumble! With this vast importance to our society, and it being even more magnified after the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020, it becomes obvious that safety in the trucking and transportation industry is paramount!  

Since the start of the pandemic, the amount of packages being sent between individuals and businesses has increased—even growing so much that it is straining the trucking industry in some regions! WIth this increase in logistics we can see more trucks on the road, and an increased need for safety awareness! 

The trucking industry is made up of many hardworking men and women who we should be concerned about keeping safe! If you are in the trucking industry, be sure to stay up to date with the latest safety protocols as provided by the NHTSB and your trucking company as well! If you are a regular driver and see a trucker on the road please give them enough room to continue on safely—they are important members of our society! 

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