Can I Bundle My Commercial Policies Too?

If you’ve been reading along, and are a business owner, you might be wondering if you can get in on the bundling deal and how to sign up! The good news about it is you definitely can, and the better news is that it will really make your business run a lot smoother! 

When thinking about how many different kinds of coverages that a business has to keep and maintain to stay in business, it can seem like climbing Mount Everest since there are a bunch to keep up with—let alone having to fully read all the coverage policy documents from different carriers! There will also be smaller chance of employee information being leaked or mishandled since there will be a lesser amount of insurance company representatives looking at sensitive information! 

Consolidating your business’ insurance policies under one single bundle can help with book-keeping since there will be less to record, one number to contact about any insurance related issues, and fewer bills to keep track of as a business every month! It is also massively easier to identify gaps in coverage if all insurance policies are under one bundle with a single insurance company! 

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