Why Should You Bundle Home Insurance and Auto Insurance!

Beyond the ability to save money while bundling insurance, there are many other reasons why bundling insurance can be very useful for you as a customer!

You will find when bundling insurance that everything involving your policies becomes much easier to work with and manage! You will have less paperwork to take care of, all your coverages are usually sent together as a single document or viewed on a single webpage! If you have a loss that applies to multiple assets that were damaged, like a house fire that affected your vehicle as well—you may only have to pay one deductible! 


As mentioned earlier, there are discounts that can be applied to your coverages if you decided to bundle! Discounts will vary between different insurance companies, but they usually range from 5% to 15%—which can be a huge savings over a period of time! Be sure to ask your insurance agent to look at the rates of bundling your insurance when looking at each individual premium—you might be surprised what you can find! 

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