Auto Insurance Is Still Important While Working From Home

When working from home with no commute, you might question having your car insured—or you might want to reduce your coverage to only cover liability! While it might seem like a good idea to your wallet, actually doing do might not be in your best interest—especially if you are only doing it to save money! 

If you are looking to save money on your auto insurance there are other methods to do so, via defensive driver programs, car usage monitoring, or updating the amount of milage you will be using the vehicle! Reducing your insurance coverage should not be something to consider unless absolutely necessary!

The main reason you do not want to get rid of or reduce your coverage is there will be a day that you will have to use your vehicle normally again and that might be the day that damage happens to your vehicle! While this pandemic has lasted longer than anyone could have anticipated, that day where normalcy returns might be closer than we think—and we will all need to use our vehicles like we did before! 

Talk to your agent and find other ways to reduce your costs! There is no reason, beyond selling your car, to remove or reduce insurance coverage—the risk is too great for an asset such as a car! 

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