Celebrate Father’s Day Safely During A Pandemic!

With the summer holiday season starting in full swing, we have started to see some relaxation in rules regarding the pandemic! But even though this is currently the case in this country, you should always be careful and stay safe while there are still cases of the coronavirus still popping up all over the world! 

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, remember to follow all CDC’s and the WHO’s recommendations—and to keep up with their updates since this is still a new virus that much has not been found out about yet! If you are confused about any of their guidelines there are contact phone numbers on their respective websites where you can receive more information from! 

If you are traveling you should remember that masks are still always required on buses, planes, trains, and other forms of public transportation! If you are going to be in a populated area be sure to always wash your hands and socially distance where possible! We still can be safe and have the ability to celebrate holidays with loved ones—we just need to be sure to follow the rules and to always think before we act! 

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