How To Celebrate Memorial Day During A Pandemic

Memorial Day is just around the corner and this is always one of the first big holidays of the summer! With this year being a little more hopeful than last, we can start to see people beginning to come out of their homes more and participating in society more and more! There is still a risk to going out during the pandemic—but there are ways to help you navigate through this and to hopefully have a great Memorial Day weekend! 

If you are traveling anywhere, be sure to keep a stock of facemarks and hand sanitizer wherever you go—but if you are on an airplane the bigger bottles of hand sanitizer might have to stay home! So to fix this you can find places when you land to get a bigger quantity if a smaller bottle won’t last for you! 

Be sure to social distance around people that aren’t your immediate family! This can be hard if you are going to a place like a newly reopened amusement park or a shopping mall! But thankfully many of these attractions around the country are enacting measures to keep their customers safe and happy! Just follow the rules they lay out, and always keep an eye on how close you are to others! 

Memorial Day in 2021 doesn’t have to be like the one in 2020—but to keep things improving around the country, and the world, we must do our part in order to help everyone else lead happy and healthy lives!

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