What If I Don’t Have Life Insurance? Can I Get It During the COVID Pandemic?

If you don’t have life insurance and have been wondering if you could get it during the pandemic, the answer is: Yes you can! Insurance agencies are continually offering new life insurance policies, and many agencies have actually seen an increase in the amount of applications due to the pandemic! 

The only difference between pre-pandemic and post would be the amount of time to get covered may be longer depending on the circumstances! If you are in a high risk group for infection, recently traveled to COVID hotspot, or have had the COVID infection yourself you could see longer than normal wait times, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to attain coverage! 

If you are fully recovered and did not need hospitalization from the virus and have valid evidence showing that you are indeed symptom-free you will only have to wait about 30 days or so depending on the insurance carrier! If you were hospitalized due to the virus the waiting time will be a bit longer—up to six months in some cases! 

If you are curious about your situation or have been wanting to get life insurance during the pandemic, give your insurance agent a call to see what your options might be! 

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