What Is Commercial Insurance & Can It Help My Business During a Pandemic?

Commercial Insurance is what its name suggests: Protection of commercial businesses, their employees, and their property! There is no one-size-fits-all policies for businesses that need Commercial Insurance due to the reality that no two small businesses are ever really alike! Just like when you go to a sandwich shop, you probably wouldn’t get the same sandwich as the person in front of you or behind you—and with Commercial Business Insurance it is the same way! 

Many businesses will have a large array of different coverages on their Property, criminal liability, equipment breakdown insurance, Worker’s Compensation, health insurance policy, liability, and even surety bonds are all common parts of a commercial policy! In other words, a Commercial Insurance policy consists of many different types of coverages—and usually to find out what you need just requires a discussion with your insurance agent and some information about your company! 

During these hard times it becomes important to know that some insurance carriers offer affordable options for all different kinds of businesses! If you find that your policy in not adequate, remember it could be an essential lifeline for your business during the pandemic—if you think you might not have enough coverage be sure to check over your policy or call your agent to find out for sure! 

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