Summer Family Fun Ideas For May

Summer is here! And although the living hasn’t been the easiest for the last year—we can still appreciate the small things that life gives us, such as family! Although we aren’t completely out of the woods in terms of the pandemic, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have some summer fun with your loved ones! 

If there are any hiking paths or trails around your home it might be a good time to give them a whirl with your family! If there are any national or state parks around it could be a great opportunity to go as well, because when it becomes too hot it isn’t as much fun! 

There are some amusement parks that are opening up around the country with many health precautions enacted—Disney theme parks, Universal Studios, and Six Flags have all taken many COVID precautions to protect their guests while they enjoy their facilities! 

If going outside isn’t your family’s idea of a good time, there are other activities that are safe, such as going to the movies while masked and socially distanced—or just having a good Memorial Day cookout with your family! Just be sure to take the proper precautions and to be safe! 

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