The Benefits of WFH!

While it has been a wild ride this past year working from home, there are a few benefits of this work from home situation that we find ourselves in! In the past, working from home was considered somewhat fo a taboo—where managers would be wary of employees working from home, and employees who felt like they had to over-perform just to keep the peace with the management! But now with a worldwide acceptance of this scenario, a large portion of our global workforce is now working from home and seeing the benefits! 

There is no denying that there is a better work-life balance among most of those who are working from home! With commute times plunging from 30 minutes on an expressway into 20 second jaunts down a hallway—it begins to add up! An hour a day in commute over a year can add up to over 200 hours in commute time, which is well over a week that workers are saving on average! 

Workers are now able to broaden their horizons by working for companies in other locales! Through remote work, people in a small-town outside of any major metropolitan area can work from home with a high-speed internet connection! Conversely people who were living in expensive areas can now move to a cheaper one while still maintaining their current job—and sometimes pay! 

People who work from home have also probably noticed that they are spending less money and saving more than they used to! This can be attributed to using your vehicle less, not picking up food or coffee while going to and from work—and people spend a lot less money on pajama pants than they do with business casual clothing! 

There are many more benefits past these and as we go further into this pandemic we are starting to see more benefits pop up too! But with hope now apparent on the horizon, we can start to look forward to the future with happiness in our hearts and past this work from home phenomena! 

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