How to Prep Your Home For Summer! 

Now that the cold weather is behind us and in the rearview mirror, it is a smart move to start preparing your home for when the heat of the year begins to arrive! By taking just a few steps and a little time out of your day you can be prepared for when the thermostat starts to edge into the 80s and 90s and it’s too hot to do housework outside! 

Check Your Front Door! 

The changes in temperature through the year can make your door’s weather stripping and caulking not fit the way it is supposed to! Before tightening your door hinges to cover your gaps, make sure the caulking and weatherstripping is still good enough to keep using! 

Repair Walkways!

If you had any snow or ice on the ground over the winter there is a chance that bricks, tiles, or pavers may have shifted—this can be a tripping hazard for yourself and others! Be sure to inspect, adjust or replace any bricks or pavers that might have come loose every year to prevent accidents! 

Check Your Windows!

Just like other objects on this list, you should check your windows to see if they are able to open and close properly, and if there is any escaping air when closed! The expansion and contraction of the glass and surrounding materials might have caused a small gap—and it is worth it to cover these up when it gets really hot! 

There are many other things to look over after each winter as a homeowner! If you keep a good eye out around your house and keep up with maintenance you will be able to enjoy your summer so much more—worry-free and without breaking the bank!  

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