3 Ways To Beat The WFH Slump!

With it being officially over a year of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are starting to feel the slump of working from home day-in and day-out! But over this past year, many people around the world have found ways to help them work past this slump through simple acts that can be done by anyone! 

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule! 

If you are working from home and have your family along at home with you, the need to create a schedule becomes paramount! Clearly laying out a schedule for all family members to understand when it is time for work and time for play can help every member of the family! By making a schedule and following it, you can prevent a lot of undue stress caused by work interruptions! Be sure to include times for meals at the same times so you can spend time together, and also to prevent you from eating at your desk and working through your lunch! 

Savor Your Free-Time! 

Working from home this past year has taught many of us that the line between work and home will become blurred at one time or another! Due to this fact it becomes essential to really savor and enjoy the moments you have outside of working! By setting out clear boundaries for your time off of work, you will vastly help your day-to-day mental state and help you have something to look forward to everyday! 

Keep Family Members Occupied! 

If you have children, you will know that it is hard to work from home and to make sure that they aren’t getting into trouble around the house! With older children find activities that are able to be sustained through a long period of time, things like reading and learning how to code are great ones to think about! With younger children there are solutions such as virtual babysitters who will play games and do activities virtually! 

There are many other ways to beat the WFH slump, but hopefully you will find these tips to be a useful start! 

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