What Kind of Insurance Does My Food Truck Need?

With Food Trucks becoming more and more popular in both ownership and in visitor count due to the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants are experimenting with opening their own food trucks to help supplement their businesses! There are advantages of having a food truck during a pandemic: it does not have a large public area to clean, it is outdoors and makes social distancing easier, and it’s mobile if you need it to be! 

If you plan on moving your truck around to different places you should consider commercial vehicle insurance! A lot of personal car insurance plans will not cover a vehicle being used for business use if you are planning on using a regular street van to serve or deliver food! If you have property such as grills, sinks, and refrigerators you will generally need to obtain additional property insurance to prevent gaps in your coverage! 

General Liability insurance is also another type of insurance coverage to consider if you are opening up a Food Truck! This type of coverage will help you cover risks such as food poisoning, allergy illnesses, slips and falls caused by the truck, and legal fees that are associated with these situations! 

When running a Food Truck it comes with its own risks and situations that usually only an insurance agent can help you navigate, if you have questions or want to know how to insure you food truck you should give your insurance agent a call! 

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