Some Staycation Ideas for a COVID Spring Break!

Last year, none of us were able to see more than a week ahead due to the pandemic, and after that all plans that we had for the year just disappeared into thin air! This year, while a lot more manageable, is still right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic—due to this we still should be safe and find other ways to enjoy ourselves while still being mindful of the pandemic! 

If you have family that cannot afford to get sick at all, it might be best to stay home completely and do things such as a family spa-day—buy robes for everyone and pick-up some sheet masks and some hair care supplies too! You can take silly pictures with each other and you’ll have a fun time spending time with your family! If spa days aren’t up your alley you can try to recreate a theme park experience and make games all throughout your house! Or if you have a backyard you can set-up activities outside since it’s starting to get warmer! 

If you want to leave the house you can plan a road trip—but go to places that not many people go to, like a national monument near where you live or a state park that not many people go see! You can go to bigger parks like Yellowstone and enjoy their “drive-thru” tours, but if you are looking to get out of the car to look at nature you might want to check out a smaller, and less travelled park! 

There are so many more ideas that you can come up with and do this spring break, but be sure to plan accordingly and always remember that things will be different during a pandemic! Be safe!

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