Restaurant And Bar St Patrick’s Day Special Ideas During COVID!

If you are running a restaurant or bar this St Patrick’s Day, you are probably hoping to start getting back up on your feet and wanting some good, safe, and socially distanced ways to attract some new business! With the pandemic still in full swing and with restrictions around the country still in effect, it is essential to stay safe and work smart so we can get through this challenging time faster! 

If you have access to outdoor space you might consider putting some seating outside to accommodate for some more customers during St Patrick’s Day! Just make sure that you are following all local rules and regulations in regard to the pandemic! You can place limits on how long people can sit at tables if you want to increase table turnover rates, and limit the menu to items that are faster and more cost effective to make! 

Creating things such as a Take-Home Kit for customers to purchase can also help bolster your business as well! By making a pre-made kit for customers to put together in the comfort of their home you can help them have the experience of your restaurant while being safely socially distanced! 

You can also tie this Take-Home Kit idea into a social media contest to help get the word out that you are open for business! If you had a contest for the most reactions to a Take-Home Kit you can attract future customers and help show others how to socially distance properly as well! Although this St. Patrick’s Day will be much like last year’s, there are still ways for your business to hopefully grow and thrive through this pandemic! 

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