How to WFH Without Going Crazy!

Working from home is now a normal part of business-life these days, and it’s looking more and more like this is going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future! While the increase in flexibility and freedom to live away from your work locale is a huge plus—there are factors to take into account such as long hours, burnout, and loneliness as well! 

Instead using Zoom to speak to someone at work, use other methods such as a phone call, or even plan to get a socially distanced coffee with your colleagues from work! Using Zoom, while useful, can be confusing to our brains since there is a slight lack of closeness in a Zoom call as compared to a normal phone call!

Changing things up and keeping your life organized are the biggest keys to having a good work from home life! Do not shy away from increasing your quality of life with things such as a good and comfortable desk and chair, or even taking the time to get up and walk around your house just to stretch your legs! 

There are some other easy things you can do such as get a plant for your desk, make sure that you are getting enough natural light (Or using natural light lightbulbs!), or by setting limits for the amount you work each day! But some other methods will require a little bit of planning and help from others—just be sure to always socially distance and mask up if anything is done in person! 

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