Fun Family February Party Ideas During COVID-19 Pandemic!

Valentine’s Day is much different for children than for an adult—while an adult will want to have a romantic dinner with their loved one, kids will want to socialize with their friends, exchange gifts, and eat a bunch of sweets! Activities that unfortunately don’t work with social distancing! 

If your child is at home, you can have a family Valentine’s Day card-making activity by making super-special and wacky cards for your kids! Use as much glitz and glam as you can fit on a sheet of paper—or even a giant Valentine’s Day card made from a poster sheet! 

A Valentine’s Day “White Elephant” is another fun idea for your child if they are at learning-at-home due to the pandemic! Set it up with other classmates of theirs over Zoom or even hold it within your own household if there’s enough people around! 

If your child is attending in-person classes and they are going to bring food and cards—be sure to use pre-packaged foods and to not seal envelopes using your saliva! If you have a family with young children, it will be their first Valentine’s Day without parties, getting cards from their classmates at school—or getting all that free Valentine’s Day candy! Make it special for them, and be sure to let them know that we will be able to have a normal Valentine’s Day in the coming future! 

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