How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day While WFH

It’s that time of the year where groundhogs come out to check for their shadow, and little Cupid is getting ready for all the Valentine’s Day fun! With everyone still working from home and having the first seasonal holiday of 2021 there are a few ways to still enjoy the day without feeling the other-worldvess of this pandemic! 

  1. Send e-Valentine’s Day Cards
    Although you won’t be able to attach a piece of candy to an email, you can include a recipe or a gift-card code so they can make or order themselves a little something!
  2. Watch a Valentine’s Day Movie Over Zoom or Google Teleplay!
    With many different streaming services offering ways to watch movies and shows via videochat your office can watch a Valentine’s Movie as a group—and if it’s a musical you all could sing-along!
  3. Send Real Valentine’s Grams to Each Other!
    This one might be harder to do the closer you get to the actual day itself, but you could surprise your co-workers by sending them something through the mail, or by leaving it at a single location for co-workers to come and pick it up in a socially distanced way! 

There are many other ideas that you can do despite us all being right in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic! Be creative and know that even the smallest of positive gestures can make a huge difference during these strange times! 

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