Why Even Single People Need Insurance!

If you’re single you probably not have seriously considered life insurance quite yet, but this might not be the best move depending on your current situation! There are a few scenarios where it becomes more of a need rather than just an extra bill to pay every month! 

If you are carrying debt with a cosigner you should consider getting Life Insurance for yourself! Debt like shared mortgages, or if you have a federal student loan you will want to have a Life Insurance policy that can pay it off! You wouldn’t want to have a loved one deal with your passing and your debt on top of that! 

You might be single, but if you have people who depend on you for help such as an elderly relative, or aging parents—you will want to help them make ends meet and afford help even in your passing! Or if you owned a business with a partner that will be left in a bad spot—they might need help if you had an untimely passing! 

Another thing to consider is locking-in coverage while you are still healthy! If you are healthy you will want to get coverage sooner than later since your health plays a huge role in rate pricing, and if you are young it will help your rates be cheaper too! You will pay considerably less money over the period of your coverage—and it will usually be easier to get coverage when you are younger and healthier! 

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