How To Safely Watch the Big Game During COVID Pandemic!

With the Big Game this weekend it is easy to overlook the fact that we are still in a pandemic! According to the CDC, the safest way to enjoy the game would be at home with those that you live with—but there are other ways to enjoy the game! 

With certain streaming services you can host a watch party through Google’s Teleparty app, it can support a few different services that will be streaming the big game! If you decide to go this route you can coordinate to have everyone make/order similar foods to enjoy and share the experience with! 

Zoom is a great way to have a watching party together! You can even go above and beyond and decorate your Zoom space after the team you are cheering for—or the team you really wish was there! There’s even opportunity to play games such as rating the commercials, trivia questions every few minutes, or make your own Bingo cards for the game! 

If you do decide to attend a larger setting there are things you can do that might help protect you! If you are in a public setting such as a restaurant or grill, use a mask, socially distance, use noisemakers instead of cheering during the game, and be sure to use payment methods that are touchless! 

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