Keeping Employees Motivated and Engaged While WFH!

Working from home can be a challenging thing to do over a long period of time, and to keep employees engaged and motivated through it all is a big task in itself! If you are an employer, or someone just looking for some ideas, there are many things that can help you keep you and your team motivated for the long haul!

Leverage “Fun”
You’ll have to do some probing with your team by asking them things such as what goals they like to try to achieve daily—what motivates them? What do they enjoy most at work? Once you know the answers to these questions you can create a game for you and your employees to participate in—like who can create a company related (And approved) social media post with the most amount of interaction! Or who can convert the most clients to a new system—anything can work! 

Offer Employee Perks/Discounts

Having contests and giveaways using various gifts for your team can be a great way to keep motivation and interest up among your colleagues! Perks can range from things such as gift cards, employee cash back offers, discounts on certain stores or products—the list is endless! 

Provide Equipment and Office Support 

You are only as good as your tools, and if your tools aren’t working correctly or are not optimized you cannot expect to get as much work done! If you have a remote team, it will tremendously helpful if you can offer some sort of support for them and their home office set-ups—such as maybe offering a discount on high-speed internet for your remote team members, or having an IT expert on-call for your employees during work hours!

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