New Habits To Develop While WFH!

With many businesses, companies, and offices keeping their doors shut through the beginning of 2021 employees and employers should be looking at new habits to make working from home easier, more fulfilling, and much more productive! 

  1. Eliminate Interruptions!
    If you can think back over the last 9 months of working from home, just think about the things that always took you out of your work and created a distraction! If you can find a way to mitigate this, such as letting people at home that you are not to be disturbed or finding some earplugs to ignore noise from outside—you can really make an impact on your work and time management! According to a University of California study it takes up to 23 minutes and 17 seconds to get back into the flow of your work after being interrupted! Try to keep it from happening!
  2. Use Status Reports!
    Working from home can cause accomplishments or achievements during work to not be seen or recognized as easily as it would be while in an office! By creating a status report to fill out everyday and submit on a regular basis, you can show that you are always keeping up with your work, and you can also be recognized for all the hard work you do too!
  3. Put Yourself First!
    Self-care is always important while working from home! It is easy to accidentally blur the line between work and home and overwork yourself—but as we all know it is hard to work efficiently if you are feeling burnt-out or tired from working too much! Keeping yourself and feelings in mind is a great way to maintain a high level of productivity!

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