My House Has Ice Damage! Does My Home Insurance Cover It?

In many parts of the country, winter is accompanied by snow and ice—and these are usually the cause of a lot of homeowners’ headaches! The Insurance Information Institute recently came out with a report that shows that 1 in 50 insured homes has a claim related to freezing every year! 

With every policy you have, you need to make sure you know what Is covered and what is not! Talking with your insurance agent is a great way to quickly figure out if you are covered from freeze damage occurring to your home! A lot of Home Insurance policies will have something regarding ice damage, so be sure to see if you have it and what kind of limits you have! 


Frozen pipes can be covered under your home insurance too, but it can come with terms such as maintaining a proper temperature in your home! The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has warned that claims can be denied if an insurance company finds out the property was not maintained properly—and that would include keeping the temperature at a normal level! 

Just make sure that you purchase the best insurance for your needs and always inquire to your agent about extra coverage if you find that you need it during the colder winter months! 

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