Hailstorm While Driving? What to do?

If you are driving during a cloudy day and and start to see hailstones falling from the sky onto your vehicle—it becomes smart to know the ways to prevent hail-damage to your vehicle! With late-model automobiles using thinner and thinner metal sheeting each year to reduce weight and raise gas milage—even a small hailstorm can cause thousands of dollars in damage! 

If you are moving and see hail coming down, you need to pull over and find cover if possible! Even if a hailstone isn’t traveling fast—your vehicle would be and it will cause a dent! Usually an overpass or a covered gas station is perfect for these situations and pretty abundant on the open road! 

You can use a car cover, and some specialized ones are made for hailstorms—but remember that using these can be risky since you will be putting yourself outside in the hail! Some people in a pinch have used cardboard or blankets, but it might be hard to put it on in the middle of a hailstorm! 

Professional paint protection systems do exist as well, but these can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in price and effectiveness, so it is best to do your homework before investing in any one! But like most things in life, it’s easier and cheaper to prevent hail damage than it is to repair! 

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