How To Winterize Your Home for Winter 2021!

If you are seeing your gas and electricity bills climbing up each month this fall and winter, it might be time to consider winterizing your home to cut your cost of bills and save you quite a bit of money over time! 

  1. Protect Your Home’s Piping!
    Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time if you do not take precautions! If you have any exposed pipes around your home you can simply wrap some towels and trash bags around them secured with some tape! There are many other methods and covers you can buy at various stores, but this works in a pinch!
  2. Weatherstripping!
    If you have a gap under or around any of your doors, you can bet that you are losing some heat in the winter and cool air from your A/C in the summer! A great way to eliminate these gaps is by placing weatherstripping between the door and the doorframe! Your heater won’t have to run as much to keep your living area warm since less heat will escape!
  3. Put Thicker Curtains Your Windows!
    If you ever stand next to a window during a really cold day you will definitely notice how cold it feels! What you are feeling is heat escaping through the window since glass isn’t a great insulator! To keep as much heat in your home as you can, it is a smart decision to put thicker curtains over your windows—or put some on if you don’t have them already! 

There are many other methods and things that can be done to winterize your home further—and some electric and gas companies will come out upon request to inspect your home for an energy saving assessment! By just taking a few steps at home you will enjoy your home and heat much more than before, and your wallet will thank you for it too! 

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