Should I Lower My Commercial Insurance Coverage To Save Money?

Being a business owner comes with many hard decisions, and some might be looking at their insurance wondering if they can save money! The answer to this is that you can, but only if it does not leave you with exposure! If you have downsized your business in some way or are planning on downsizing it is worth it to speak to your insurance agent to find what options you might have!

If you had a fleet of vehicles that you sold due to the pandemic you can remove coverage from them since you aren’t going to be using them again! Or if you are thinking about moving to another location to cut down on cost you could talk to your agent to see what savings you will see by moving—it might be the final push needed to do the move! 

But if you are not downsizing or are going to maintain what you have, you shouldn’t remove your commercial coverage! Leaving your business exposed is much worse than saving a few bucks each month—it can even end up being more expensive in the long run! Talk to your agent to see what your options are—it might be worth the call! 

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