Do I Need General Liability On My Business During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Like every business out there during this hard period in history, you might be looking to cut costs in any place that you can—you might be looking at your insurance costs thinking that you might be able to get rid of your General Liability for a while until things pick up, but that isn’t the best course of action! You need to keep your business and belongings protected during this time since it will cost much more to replace than to protect! 

If you are closing and reopening during the pandemic, it can be tempting to stop coverage to save money during those periods—but you still can be vulnerable to accidents or damage during this period of time just as much as if you were fully open! Trying to save money on insurance by stopping coverage leaves your business vulnerable to accidents or other misfortunes! 

But long story short, you do need General Liability Insurance for your business—even during a shutdown! If your business needs help due to an accident while it is closed due to the pandemic you will still be covered and you will be happy that you had that coverage! 

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