More Virtual Holiday Party Ideas WFH!

Working from home can be a tricky landscape to navigate, but having a holiday party doesn’t have to be! Here is a list of virtual party ideas that can be used while WFH! 

  1. Virtual Jeopardy 

This one can be extremely fun, just make a list of questions from 5 different subjects and have teams answer—you can use breakout rooms too so teams can talk among each other without the other team eavesdropping!

  1. Virtual Awards Show

By handing out silly and fun awards you can really help break the ice if your virtual office has a lot of new people or is in a lull! Make awards like Most Likely to Be Famous, Most Likely to be Late, or Most Likely to Find A 20 Dollar Bill—just use your imagination!

  1. Virtual Holiday Charades 

Just like all holiday parties—playing Charades is a must! Just make sure to follow the same rules as before: No talking, typing while you are acting out the animal/object that you are!

The holidays don’t have to be a drag while working from home, there are many ways to celebrate togetherness even while being miles apart! Just this list or even think of ideas your own!

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