Virtual Holiday Party Ideas While WFH!

2020 has been a year unlike any other in memory, filled with surprises and hurdles that we conquered together—a testament to the human spirit that we all share! With this in mind, it becomes increasingly important to appreciate one another and celebrate the holidays in any way that we can!

This year doesn’t have to be without a holiday celebration! There are many ways to mark the end of the year and to celebrate the holidays!

  1. Fun online class together

Online classes can be a lot of fun together— things such as an online cooking course or a Bob Ross-esque painting course can be a great way to celebrate remotely!

  1. Ugly Sweater Contest

This can be really fun idea, but be sure to give everyone enough time to get a sweater or pull one out from storage! You can make multiple awards for this like the Tackiest Sweater, Most Original Sweater, and Prettiest Sweater too for a bit more fun!

  1. Virtual Escape Room

With the pandemic in full swing still, escape rooms have been put on pause for the time being, but there are options for having a virtual Escape Room that feels almost like the real thing—all without leaving your home! There are many vendors who can provide this service that you can search for, and check locally to see if any local businesses are doing this too!

Don’t let the pandemic pull you down! You can still have fun with your team and be able to have a great holiday season with your co-workers—even while sitting in sweat pants! 

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