How To Celebrate Winter Holidays With Family During Coronavirus Pandemic

The year we can expect to see most of our traditions altered or canceled, but there are ways to still enjoy this year without feeling too out of the loop! 

If you celebrate with family this year you should be cautious and use all precautions available such as a mask, social distancing, and hand washing—but there’s nothing wrong with a remote celebration too! 

If you are doing a remote celebration be sure to send all gifts with enough time to get there (Mail can get a bit hectic this year!) and coordinate with your loved ones on how you will be visiting with each other! If you are using Zoom or Skype make sure your computers are all updated and ready to use! If you have an activity planned be sure to let everyone know in advance and remind them the day of—it’s easy to mess up times when potentially going across timezones! 

Don’t let the lockdowns be a drag on your holiday! If you plan in advance and make sure everyone is safe you can have a great holiday that will be a fun story in a few years from now!

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