Holiday Team Building Activities While WFH!


If you’re working from home right now it might seem a little strange to not have all the holiday decorations all around the office and the smell of pumpkin spice flavored coffee coming from the break room—but there are ways to replace the feeling at home! 

Decorating your virtual workspace is a great way to start! Organize with your co-workers to do the same so each time you log-in to Zoom or Skype you are greeted with each other’s decorations and you will have something fun to talk about too!

If you are a fan of winter smells you can brew your own pumpkin spice coffee or winter spice tea first thing in the morning to spread through your home—and if you want to share the experience you can send some to your co-workers to enjoy as a “remote shared experience”!  A virtual white elephant is another great way to celebrate the holidays, set-up an office-wide list of participants and their choice of gift—whoever wins they send it to them via mail! 

You still can have a ton of fun with your co-workers this holiday season—just be creative, and as they say in boxing, just roll with the punches!  

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