Should I Have Health Insurance If I WFH?

Many people across the nation, and the world, are now working from home on a regular basis—and due to the pandemic many people are also trying to cut costs in their lives at the same time! It might be tempting to think of Health Insurance as something you can do without since you aren’t traveling to work or being around other people as much—but the point still remains that you need to have Health Insurance at all times! 

People who are uninsured receive less timely care, and usually receive less care due to the out-of-pocket costs! These situations can lead to worse health outcomes and it can be a larger burden in the long-run to bear the costs of treatment than it is to pay a monthly premium! 

There are many built-in risks with going without Health Insurance, and although people do not plan on getting sick or hurt—it can affect the ultimate outcome of a health situation drastically!

You can still sign up for Health Insurance coverage through Open Enrollment until December 15th, 2020, after that date you will need to have a qualifying life event occur (Marriage, new child, new job) or wait until next year—so don’t wait! 

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