How To Have a Virtual Thanksgiving

With Coronavirus infections rising all around the country, having a virtual Thanksgiving is becoming more and more attractive! The risks of traveling and spreading the virus to your family is too great, and with the advent of computers and webcams it becomes extremely practical to consider having Thanksgiving over Zoom! 

Contact those friends and family members who would normally come over for Thanksgiving and organize activities that will make you all feel like you are sharing the experience: Light the same scented candles, create the same dishes of food at each home, play the same music! You can even recreate the hustle and bustle of a family chattering in the kitchen while the food is being prepared by scheduling calls to prepare your food at the same time, and if you enjoy football you can have a conference call or Zoom meeting with your family while the action unfolds on the TV! 

You can also send Thanksgiving care packages and gifts to your family as well, although giving gifts isn’t normal during Thanksgiving—this year is different and the act of giving is a great way to help get over these strange circumstances! Be creative with it, and who knows—you might have a great Thanksgiving despite the distance! 

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