Staying Safe For COVID Thanksgiving!

Most families this year will be having a Thanksgiving, but in much different fashions than any Thanksgiving in recent memory! Some will be having a virtual Thanksgiving where they all gather online and eat a dinner together over webcam, or some will be having a Thanksgiving dinner where fist bumps replace hugs and a single large crowded table will be replaced with a few tables through their home! 

If you are someone who travels to see family it might be best to consider doing a virtual Thanksgiving this year since traveling can be very risky during this pandemic! If you are the one preparing the food, make sure others stay out of the kitchen and you should try to be the only one handling the food—multiple people touching serving utensils is not a good recipe for staying healthy during this pandemic! 

Consider using a touchless trashcan as well for cleanup! Preventing multiple people touching one single thing is the best way to limit the risk of infection for you and your loved ones! Skip the hugs and kisses with family, and make sure if you have a pet that everyone isn’t petting them since dogs and cats can get sick from COVID too!  Be safe and healthy this Thanksgiving, so you and your family can enjoy many more! 

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