Tips For Staying Focused While WFH!

It’s a challenge in itself to stay focused sometimes, but you have to remember that it is the key to keeping your productivity levels up! If you are having problems keeping your mind on task here are a few tips that will help you get focused even when it seems like an impossible task! 

  1. Turn Off Your Distractions!
    You might be saying “Duh!” to your computer screen right now to this tip, but it’s more than just turning off the TV! If you find yourself pulling out your phone to just scroll around, or if you are constantly checking your messages or even the time on your phone you should put it into airplane mode, or turn it off altogether! Even playing music in the background can be a source of distraction, turn it all off and give it a shot—you most likely will be pleasantly surprised!
  2. Keep Away From Social Media!
    This one can tie into the turning off your distractions tip above, but since we are working from a computer at home it is supremely easy to have social media open in the background! It is best to just stay away from it completely while working! Turn off notifications from your social media sites if you need to as well, it can be a little too easy to get sidetracked when a social media notification pops up in the corner of your computer screen!
  3. Don’t Do Chores While Working!
    It might be somewhat reasonable to throw some laundry in the washer while you are working from home, but it is best to save chores and home repairs for when you are off the clock! It is easy to procrastinate and get distracted by doing the dishes, then noticing you need to take out the trash, then seeing you should vacuum the floor, et cetera—the time, and chores, really start to add up! If you are the type to get distracted easily while working from home, just save the house work for later! 

Most importantly: Don’t give up! If you find yourself struggling to keep focused while working from home, give these tips a shot or even make your own to follow! 

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