Avoiding Cyber Liability Attacks When Recycling Business Systems

Computers and technology are both always evolving in ways that we never thought imaginable—it’s incredible that we could video chat anywhere in the world with our smartphones! But with this upgrade in technology always comes the question, what will I do with my old device? 

When you own a business this question of what to do with your old computers and smartphones becomes even more important since it can be way for a hacker to get into your systems! If someone found an old computer from your business they could potentially do some big damage to your business using information left on the old system! 

Your old computers and smartphones have mountains of information still on it even if you stuck it into the recycling bin on the computer’s desktop! There is a proper way to permanently erase data, and if you do not properly erase and dispose of these devices—you may have a very expensive and bad cyberattack happen one day! 

There are many services out there that can assist you in this, but remember that if disposal of your old technology is advertised as “free”—there might be some corners cut! Also, remember that electronics are usually harmful to the environment—so always dispose of them properly! 

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