How to Have a Safe Halloween During a Pandemic

It’s been over half a year living under this pandemic, but now that we are nearing the holiday season we need to start thinking about how to celebrate safely! With Halloween just around the corner it’s smart to find ways to celebrate without putting your family at risk! 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a list of guidelines to follow in order to have a safe Halloween celebration! Trick-or-treating might be out of the question, since there is a lot of contact between people, but there are still ways to have fun at home! 

Having a Halloween party at home is a great way to celebrate without putting your family at risk—let the kids stay up and watch Halloween movies while enjoying some of their favorite candies! You can also have a pumpkin carving party too and display your work in your front yard in the days before Halloween! 

Try some other alternatives to trick-or-treating like having a Halloween-style scavenger hunt, or have a Halloween egg hunt and put the Easter Bunny to shame! There are many other fun socially-distanced activities you can do with your friends and family as well such as leaving candy on their doorstep and running away before they open the door! Use your imagination—and common sense, for a great start to the holiday season! 

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