Work From Home Team Activities: How to Have Fun WFH!

With many businesses still on a work from home schedule, we all need to find ways to connect more with our co-workers and to have some fun while we get our day-to-day business done! The first thing you should do is set-up an office-wide “social” calendar! Since a lot of social contact between co-workers has been reduced to emails and instant messages it is important to be intentional about making and attending social get-togethers with co-workers! A calendar is a great way to help plan and get everyone on the same wavelength! 

Ideas for your calendar can be things as simple as making a streaming movie meet-up after work where everyone gets on Zoom and streams a scary movie together! You can even do a “Skill Share” night where co-workers can share a fun and learnable skill with everyone—maybe even learn to paint with some Bob Ross videos together as well!

There are a quite a few activities that can be done remotely, even something as a remote coffee-run, where everyone is on a conference call and gets coffee together, can be a fun experience too! Just use your imagination, and know that there will be a point one dat where we can talk around the water-cooler about the fun times we had while we were working from home! 

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