Fun Family Halloween Activities During Covid Pandemic!

Halloween 2020 doesn’t have to be a drag because of the pandemic! There are plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy Halloween without putting yourself and those around you at risk! If you have a family keeping them safe is paramount, here is a list of some activities that are fun and socially distanced!

  1. Decorate your house with Halloween Decorations!
    This one can be really fun if you go all out, put up a spooky Halloween scene in your front yard and put scary characters like ghosts and mummies in your windows!  But remember that trick-or-treaters might come on Halloween, be sure to put up signs if you aren’t giving out candy! 
  2. Have a Scary Movie Night!
    Scary movies and Halloween belong together like Mac and Cheese! And no matter the age group that you are catering towards there are a ton of movies out there to choose from! You can have a night of classic slasher films from the 1980s, or there are a bunch of great Disney and Pixar movies that are out there for the younger audiences! 
  3. Virtual Costume Contest
    If you enjoy putting on a costume for Halloween there are still ways to dress up and see your friends this Halloween! Organize a get together over Zoom or FaceTime with your friends and family and tell everyone to have their costumes on—it’s always really fun to see what everyone shows up with, and you can even make it thematic using a background or playing around with the lighting of the room! 

This is just a short list for you, but there are many other ways to celebrate this Halloween in a safe and healthy environment! Be creative and enjoy your Halloween the best way you can! 

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