Work From Home Fun: Zoom Meeting Bingo

All of us have probably been using Zoom quite a bit for the last few months and while it is a great tool to communicate it can get a little monotonous day after day! But did you now that your Zoom experience can be spiced up with a fun game of Zoom Bingo? It works much like normal Bingo but instead of numbers and letters we will put in things you might experience while on Zoom! Here are some ideas to help get your board started:

  1. Someone forgets to unmute themselves

    We all have probably heard this familiar (And always humorous!) routine: someone asks another one of your colleagues a question, and you are met with complete silence! The person who was asked the question pops right back in with “Sorry! I was muted!”—when this happens give yourself a “B”!
  2. Unexpected Guest Appearance! 

    One day you’re in the middle of a productive meeting and having an engaging conversation with your colleagues on Zoom—and then all of a sudden a cat walks across someone else’s camera or a child comes in dancing with a costume from their favorite movie! If you see a guest pass by the camera during your meeting then give yourself an “I”!
  3. Doorbell Ring

    If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard a doorbell chime during a Zoom call I could probably buy real estate in Hawaii! Since a lot of us are ordering things online during this period, hearing a doorbell on Zoom is almost like putting a second “Free Spot” on your Bingo board—give yourself an “N”! 
  4. Hitting Zoom’s Time Limit

    It is pretty common to hear, “Alright everyone, we have 5 minutes left—let’s wrap it up!” since Zoom is limited to 40 minutes per call! If you ever hear these words or just hit the limit without realizing it give yourself a “G”! 
  5. Can Everyone See My Screen?

    The advent of screen-sharing in Zoom has been a great tool for all of us while working from home! With this great tool also comes this (Now common) phrase: “Can everyone see my screen?”. If you hear this at all during a meeting or catch yourself legitimately saying this phrase you can give yourself the final letter, an “O”!

Zoom Bingo can be made into an office-wide competition if you are a manager and want something fun to throw into the mix for your employees, or just play it on your own for some laughs—the sky is the limit with this game and can really take the edge off working from home! 

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